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Parts of the image are © Georgi Kovachev
akamon concept toilet
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Project Year: 2020
Status: Concept Design
Location: The University of Tokyo, Japan

The task was to design a restroom that will be welcoming the needs of the future inclusive society in the times after the global pandemic. It had to be accessible for wheel chair users, mothers, fathers, students, people with disabilities and the elderly. The goal of this design was to be in harmony with the old library nearby as well as the ancient Akamon gate and the modern building by Tadao Ando.

The curved shape was inspired by the defining arcs and curves of the Akamon gate and the general library. Due to its height, the building will be seen from outside the campus as it’s showing up behind the wall of Akamon gently provoking the interest of the visitors.

The wooden shingles will be in harmony with the structure of Akamon, earth wall and as well with the old sakura and ginkgo trees nearby. The material will age beautifully leaving the traces of time for the next generations.

The shingles gently open towards the back of the building controlling the light and visibility in the inside space. In the evening, the light coming from inside will create a beautiful poetic image.

The blue light at the entrance indicates if the toilet is occupied, so the wheelchair people can see it from far away and decide to go there or not.

Thanks to Victor Shishkin and Georgi Kovachev for the support.