I got the chance to be part of the beta testers of the AI tool Midjourney. I could see it’s gaining traction and as a creative and artist myself I was immediately interested in trying out this new tech. Its use is very simple. You just joint a discord group and input a command to a bot that translates your words or sentences into art. Then you have 25 requests to the server for free. What I was curious to find out is, if my imagination, expressed as a dozen of words, can be translated into picture by this tool. The results I got were quite interesting and even surprised me and gave me new some new ideas.

Impressionist futuristic architecture

The first input I tested was related to one of my visions of the future of architecture. I really want to see levitating houses sooner than later, that’s why I checked what Midjourney thinks about it. I wanted a lot of vegetation as well as flying things around and in the end I just wrote the name Monet so that it can take some style from the famous impressionist.

/imagine white futuristic flying houses over a green and yellow forest on a new habitable planet with strange plants and flying cars and people around monet

This was the result from this input which is a small resolution file:

midjourney AI picture
Four image thumbnails

From it I liked the second image on the first row and generated a bigger version by the upscale button. Later I generated the other two images in the big resolution:

midjourney AI picture future houses monet
Image 2 upscaled. My personal favourite! Very delicate representation of softness in the houses with a lot of people in this flowery forest land.
midjourney AI picture future houses
Image 1 upscaled is also very nice. So difficult to choose a favourite.
midjourney AI picture future houses
Image 4 – I can start to feel the overwhelming presence of the colour palette of Monet but this is also like a movie storyboard. I also think the dining table in the field is a nice idea 🙂

Then I iterated on the third one with flying yellow houses on green to see what variations we can get then and decided I like the first two for upscale.

midjourney AI picture future houses
Iteration of image 3 from first thumbnails
midjourney AI picture future houses
Upscaled 1st image from second iteration. Looks like there is a branch hanging from one of the houses but that’s ok. Its also nice that when a house its flying its yellow and when on the ground white in this image.
midjourney AI picture future houses
This seems like a inflatable architecture with some very fine textiles for the houses. I like the UFO but maybe it’s identified by midjourney.

Space girl

Then I was set to try another planet with a different mood. Some good contrast with the lush vegetation of my blockbuster story with the flying houses.

/imagine beautiful young woman with a futuristic spacesuite on mars, show habitat in backgorund  Rembrandt van Rijn

That would have been amazing command if I didn’t make two typos on spacesuit and background. But still the software guessed kind of pretty good for my stone age English skills.

midjourney AI picture mars woman
The astronaut series
midjourney AI picture mars woman
I thought I would see her face but not this time. However the composition and light is spot on. Space suite is quite fancy as well.

I felt I need to iterate quite a bit with this one and I guess it was because of my typos. Also I was not seeing any habitat anywhere.

midjourney AI picture mars woman
Iteration 2
midjourney AI picture mars woman
Iteration 3 is where I decried to check out the most space suit looking lady in detail.
midjourney AI picture mars woman
This did not disappoint. I can see a humble girl looking down in a decent space suit.

Urban sprawl

I started to miss the green fresh vibes so at the end I tried to see how a future city might look like. I use the following command:

/imagine detailed future city with very tall and thin buildings connected by bridges and highways with a forest between the buildings and on top of the buildings, and a lot flying vehicles and drones, show many people in foreground in a lawn with floweres, half sunny half stormy weather
The results is not so impressive regarding the building bridges but shows a good amount of greenery.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this one hour of generating stuff. I can definitely see this as one more creative tool to explore ideas but I feel there should be some more ways to give parameters specific for each object you want in the image. I maybe missed that but can try to find out more next time.

You can also get access to the beta here: discord.gg/midjourney

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