main illustration
Prototype electronics
The electronics and battery used weighted 170g
buoyancy formula
design record graph
First two propeller prototype presentation in front of university students, video credits: prof. Kenji IIno


Project year:  2017
Status:  Prototype
Location: Tokyo

Are you tired of holding your umbrella during Autumn’s cold and rainy days? Is it annoying to get wet when trying to avoid other people or obstacles? Magicasa is the solution for all your problems! You just have to press a button and let the magic happen. Magicasa will be hovering over you and tracking all your moves while avoiding potential obstacles, so that you can do other things while walking in the rain. This and many other use cases can outline the values this invention brings to people.

There will be a system that allows the user to be followed precisely using distance sensors. Also, obstacles such as umbrellas and sidewalk objects as well as people – avoided thanks to cheap and efficient technology of ultrasonic sensors. The efficient use of power/weight ratio (by using both motors and helium) would make the umbrella more silent, and at the same time maneuverable thanks to the set of six propellers and electric motors. All of them would be able to change their rotation direction clockwise and counterclockwise requiring less number of motors to achieve more movement. It will, as a result, be able to move horizontally and vertically.

Thanks to the employed gas buoyancy over air we can make this product hover just like magic. We calculated that for each gram of mass we need approximately 1 litre of helium to counter the earth gravity if we don’t consider the changing density of air in different temperatures and changing wind conditions. For avoiding strong winds we will optimize the shape of the product as well as provide pressure release vents of special design.

This project interprets this moving umbrella into a moving architecture that is available anytime and anywhere.


Anton Kerezov
Humza Ahmed
Victor Shishkin
Akin Yalcin
Jorge Alvarez