Giffit is a small tool that was developed to streamline the process of making nice presentations here at ANKERE. It is very basic and easy to use but at the same time provides great value and sufficient functionally for fast paced design workflows. It is not intended solely for architects and artists but anyone that wants to make a GIF for web, chats or even as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) art. It’s export engine is fast and produces files with good resolution and quality. Another benefit is that you can run it from your PC saving time from uploading and downloading results. Furthermore, you have the enhanced privacy of not sharing the data with third parties as Giffit keeps your secrets. Its operation is much easier than using Photoshop’s animation tools as well.

gif animation tool

As you probably know, I did this in my free time and I provide it free of charge because I think people should support each other. Therefore, I also accept requests for support or feature pack upgrades (see below) but these should be compensated by you and for the amount of effort and time spent on my side implementing them. Please reach out to me and let’s talk! You can write a comment bellow or use the Contact page to find my email. Here is a simple list of the planned feature upgrades:

Advanced feature pack (beta available):

  • Set image resolution
  • Quality settings
  • Create loop-backs
  • Export high-fidelity GIF (256+ colours)
  • Import GIF as frames
  • TIFF file support

Pro feature pack:

  • Import frames from videos
  • Edit start and end points
  • Support for arm processors
  • Adjust animation brightness
  • Create user palettes
  • Select ditherer and quantizer

You can also donate right away to my digital wallet to accelerate the development or request the feature packs in advance:

crypto wallet pay

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