I found online a design competition for the renovation of the entrance and approach area of a business hotel in the industrial area of Osaka. The plan of the real estate company – Oriental Home (オリエントホーム) was to transform it into apartment building for rent and wanted new proposals for the entrance.

The existing situation is quite terrible and it was not so clear from the real estate company what they wanted with the way they wrote the competition brief:

oriho approach
Exterior approach
oriho plan for renovation
Interior of hotel
oriho interior pictures
Interior pictures of restaurant and reception

Nevertheless, I tired with the help from Sota Matsuzawa to understand better the brief, translate the project and get some comments on the design from Japanese point of view. Here I present you the concept of “Oasis” – a small patch of greenery in a very industrial, gray and boring neighborhood that could potentially act as attraction for younger families that require better social infrastructure, places for remote work and childcare.


The whole project was done in 2 days and 4h as a speed challenge. I can definitely can learn a lot of things from that kind of flash projects on how to organise my resources better. In the end we could not win anything and it seems the investor was really going for dirty cheap options that could be selling his apartment building without breaking the bank. Here are the winning designs from unknown Japanese architects that will get merged into one project:

winner idea 1
Facade design winner
winner idea 2
Approach winner