Anton Kerezov
Image © Michel Pohl

I have experience in public buildings’ architectural design from the atelier of Kengo Kuma and Associates (隈研吾建築都市設計事務所) in Tokyo. Furthermore, I was lucky to be part of the small team of Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture (中山英之建築設計事務所) and in Yoshiyuki Kawazoe’s Kousou Inc (空間構想) for internship. I also have various engineering and robotics experience with creating the world’s first flying umbrella – Magicasa and also working on IoT smart product that enhance user safety and wellness. Before coming to Tokyo I was working as a full time architect in FORMA Studio under the supervision of Arch. Angel Primov. During my university years in Bulgaria I took part in the organisation of One Architecture Week in Plovdiv as an exhibition coordinator.  Before that I was working part time as an interior designer in ViART Zone Ltd. and UX Designer of themes and experience packs for Ubuntu.

Pavilion curation proposal for the Bulgarian participation at Biennale Arcitettura 2023
2nd place for project BRANCH’ING

IASS Working Group 21 “Advanced manufacturing and materials” competition 2021
Shortlisted to build a pavilion in Surry, UK

ASF Design Challenge 2017
First prize for the concept design of Magicasa

MEXT scholarship 2016 
Winner of the Monbukagakusho scholarship of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, Sport and Technology of Japan

National Heritage Cooperation, Bulgaria 2015 edition
2nd place winner for the project – Arctic Research Center in Svalbard

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Graduated Doctor of Engineering from The University of Tokyo (東京大学) with main topic of computationally driven self-formation of geometry informed by the material availability. Also, graduated Master of Engineering (MEng) for advanced timber structures and computational architecture in 2019 from The University of Tokyo (東京大学). Before that I researched timber structures as part of Mikio Koshihara laboratory and studied business level Japanese language also in UTokyo. I was granted the MEXT scholarship to study in Japan in 2016. I also graduated Masters of Architecture (MA) from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) in 2015 with excellence. I was born in the cultural capital of Bulgaria | telegram

Setagaya, Tokyo