Svalbard Arctic Research Center

Exterior view
Interior view
svalbard info
View from the peak to the glacier
Airplane view of Pyramiden
Future info robots
hand sketch of design
Simplified plan
First concept sketch
Old town structure
Polar days and nights


Project year: 2015
Status: Concept Design
Location: Svalbard

The global warming has increasing negative effect on the North and South Poles’ ecosystem. Building in such an extreme environments is very challenging and requires great skills and special design that will guard the physical and psychological life of the inhabitants. If this trend continues extreme architecture would become the norm in the future.

Located on the Svalbard archipelago in the Pyramiden city I propose this Arctic research and monitoring centre. It was inspired by the 120 hours competition for the preservation of the abandoned Russian town. The increasing global warming and its doubled effects on the Arctic as well as the shrinking north ice are major factors that determine the need for the creation of such a structure at this place.

The building on the other hand is inspired by the work of the scientists as well as of the physical and physiological need of the humans to find shelter in this wild and alien landscape. Its space is modeled so that different functions can work in harmony in one united form and provide warmth, shelter and safety for the fragile human life.